About Us

Liana Foods, Inc. is a private corporation owned by Mr. Edwin Rodríguez and Mr. Louis McDougall, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Our operation is dedicated to represent food products, for resale and distribution in the Puerto Rico and Caribbean regions.  We have successfully reached leading positions on various number of product lines, that we have been representing for many years.  With our distribution, we cover different departments within the chain store, which include Grocery, Chill, Produce, Bakery and Frozen.  We cover all mayor chain stores and wholesalers thru out the island.  Our sales force consist of a VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Supervisors and sixteen (16) Sales Reps and Merchandisers.  We lease a 35,000 sq. feet warehouse office.  Our deliveries are subcontracted and cover the Island on a daily basis.

Our Clients